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The widget to the right is not a static screen shot. It is a fully functional dynamic report generator and print preview control ! 

VIEWidget is a javascript-programmable report generator and print preview control for dynamic web publishing with book-quality layouts and prints. The only skill you need is basic javascript and html.  It is a cross-browser (IE, Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari), cross-client  (Windows, Mac, Linux) and cross-webserver solution.

Demos (a glimpse of broad applications)

- Show Me

- Text Rotation

- Table Auto Split

- Graphing

- Flow Chart

- Landscape Page Orientation

- Mailing Label Printing

- Technical Drawing

- Professional Photo Printing

VIEWidget Report Example

Advantages over Traditional HTML Report Generation
  • Book-Quality Report Layout - VIEWidget supports arbitrary x-y positioning and sizing of objects, and overcomes the limitations of the text-flow based html report building.

  • Faster Development - VIEWidget's direct object drawing is much more succinct than tag-based string building for report generation, and can increase the productivity by more than 100%.

  • Controllable Pagination - VIEWidget solves the limitation of uncontrollable page break in traditional html report generation for multiple page prints.

  • WYSIWYG Print and Preview - VIEWidget supports WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) preview and print for your reports.

  • More Professional and Predictable - Your reports will look more professional both on screen and on paper with precise and consistent layouts across different browsers.

Universal Web Server and Database Support

VIEWidget is javascript programmable, and in pure javascript and html text that is supported by any web servers (Linux, Unix,  or Windows etc) and development languages (PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby, and Python etc). VIEWidget is database neutral and is not tied to a particular database for maximum flexibility. You simply use SQL to retrieve data from your databases and store the data in web page, and leave the report generation task to VIEWidget.

Unzip the downloaded zip file, and copy the whole viewidget folder to your web server under the root folder. And then use your browser to visit:
If you see the 'Hello World' print preview page, you have installed the package correctly.


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