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VIEWidget Setup 

The setup is straight forward: you download the package, put it on your web development machine, and follow the step-by-step guide in the documentation. There is no need to repeat here.

Programming Introduction 

After the VIEWidget setup, you are ready to program it. Since the setup is already done on this server, we can program it right here. Before we do that, please know that
  1. You can program directly using physical lengths such as inch or mm.
  2.  You can calculate the sizes of VIEWidget objects (such as String, Text, Table etc) before drawing them; or directly draw them with calculated sizes returned. This allows you to draw objects at precise locations with accurate sizes.

Hello World Program

The following Hello World program is self explaining.

    var INCH = control1.getInch();   //or  var MM = control1.getMM(); 
    control1.drawString(1*INCH, 1*INCH, "Hello World"); 

Interactive Examples

You can play with the interactive samples below. First examine how the code is written in the Code panel and see the result in the Report panel. If you like, you can modify the code before pressing the Generate Report button.