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FarFast Form Filler -- The Fastest Way to Fill Out Business Forms

FarFast Form Filler is a form filler software program that allows you to visually fill out a pre-printed form and print it --- That is, you first use a scanner or digital camera to get an image of your form, then import the form image into the program, visually fill out the form and print it. Step by step, the form filler software is easy to use and fast to fill.

AceView .NET Component -- Powerful Drawing and Report Generator

AceView is written in fully managed .NET C#. The control allows you to integrate print preview and report generator into your .NET applications. AceView lets you use an x-y coordinate system to freely placing predefined objects or drawing at arbitrary x-y location. AceView is also a report designer's designer. You can use AceView to create your own report designer and distribute it royalties free.

ViewPro ActiveX Component -- Dynamic Report  and Technical Drawing Generator & Print Preview

Build sophisticated runtime reports or technical drawings. ViewPro is a dynamic report generator for building reports or drawings that are difficult or impossible to achieve with a static report writer such as Crystal Reports.

LiveMap Ajax Component -- Javascript Programmable Interactive Map & GUI

LiveMap is a Javascript Ajax map component for creating interactive map and GUI. It allows you to add powerful interactive map or layout interfaces to your web applications.

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