AceView .NET Component

Powerful Drawing and Report Generator

AceView is a report & technical drawing generator and print preview control written in fully managed .NET C#.  You can use AceView to build graphics and text-based reports or technical drawings, display the results in a scrolling and zooming viewer on your form and then print it. 

Unlike band-based business report generator, AceView lets you use an x-y coordinate system to freely drawing objects at arbitrary x-y coordinates. You can use AceView to create sophisticated run-time reports or technical drawings that are difficult or impossible to achieve with a static report writer. AceView lets you place tables, graphs, pictures and drawings onto text report pages.

AceView even allows you to visually or programmatically edit or modify reports that have been already generated at runtime. This feature allows you to generate reports that are unknown until being customized by your users at runtime, or allows you to develop customized run-time report designers or editors, layout editors, or other visual editing tools.

Application Areas
AceView can be used as a powerful report engine and print preview control for a wide variety of printing and reporting applications. The following is just a partial list.
----Produce text or graphics reports
----Produce technical drawings
----Produce charts, diagrams or graphs
----Perform for publication automation
----Visually fill out virtually pre-printed forms such as bank checks, air flight tickets, medical bills, state and federal government forms etc.
----Produce mailing labels
----and a lot more...

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