On-The-Fly Web Install TM

If you are searching for a web installer for distributing your software with IE web browser, you have found it --- On-The-Fly Web Install by HexaTech.

On-The-Fly Web Install is a web installer that allows your customers install your applications from a web browser with one click  Also, it allows you to detect an earlier version of a program and upgrade it automatically if a newer version is available.

In addition to features normally available in a traditional offline installer, On-The-Fly Web Install includes the following unique features:

01. Installation of the web installer is driven by JavaScript or VBScript embedded in your static HTML web page or dynamic ASP/JSP web page, allowing the installation process to be dynamic and flexible.

02. The installation script is text-based web page for deployment from any web server (Window or non-Window server; e.g. Linux, IBM server, or Sun Soloris etc).

03. The web installer supports downloading single or multiple files at runtime.

04. The web installer allows you to compress multiple files into a single package either dynamically or statically.

05. The web installer provides support for uninstalling your application from a web page

06. The web installer can also be integrated into your ASP/JSP web application for remote, dynamic and customizable software deployment.

07. The web installer can detect the registry and files on the client machine before the installation.

08. The web installer can launch your apps after the installation.

09. The web installer can report the installation success or failure result back to your web server.

10. The web installer can detect files and registry settings with registry read-write support.

11. The web installer can execute programs.

12. The web installer can remotely diagnose client machines and report the results to your web server.

13. The web installer can remotely perform trouble shooting your apps.
14. Many people do not know how to use WinZip. The web installer may replace WinZip to automatically install your files on client machines with one-click. 

More Features Available

Please try out the trial copy and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). On-The-Fly Web Install is very versatile and flexible. If you do not find the features you want, please email to support@hexatech.com. Your desired features may have already been implemented.

Requirements for On-The-Fly Web Install:

Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
Client Machine: Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, NT4.0 or 95.
Server Machine: Window or non-Window server (e.g. Linux, IBM server, or Sun Soloris etc).


Free Trial for the Web Installer

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