Comments from ViewPro Users

Bill Plummer: "So far, I've not found anything that ViewPro cannot do. After failing with Crystal and others it is a relief to find one that works."

Kevin Sehl: "Thanks again for a great product and solution to the Crystal nightmare."

Peter Smith: "Great product by the way, it works better than all the other similar tools we tested."

Scott Brunner: "I just have to say one thing: ViewPro is AWESOME! Itís the perfect control for my application. Itís exactly what I was looking for. Great job!"

David Fulton: "ViewPro is great. Gee I wish I had this two years ago."

Kevin Carson: "I won't hesitate to recommend your products to other developers."

Rick Kamp: "I am using about every feature of your OCX, and find it the easiest solution for developing a reporting package."

Daniel J. Reaume, Ph.D.: We have been developing a flowcharting application in Visual Basic using ViewPro over the past few months. ViewPro has significantly improved the performance of the application and made the code much simpler. ViewPro has worked perfectly. Thank you for a great product."

Daniel Bago: "We purchased ViewPro at the beginning of the year and have since then incorporated it successfully into a program we have developed. We are extremely happy with your product and our target market is happy with the reports we produce with ViewPro."

Lukas Calmbach: "In the short time I have been working with it. it has already solved many problems that I have been working at for a long time. Thank you very much!"

Mark D. Stevens: "Terrific product..." 

Randine Perry: "Just to say I think this is a great product, and if you should update the facilities in this OCX please send some information for my attention." 

Herney Eduardo Duque A.: "Recently I purchased your ViewPro software. Itís wonderful! The special solution I was looking for... Congratulations!"

Hermann Pallasch: "Thanks again. ViewPro is a great product!!"

Brian Mincey: "I have just recently purchased and begun using your ViewPro product, and am very pleased with its capabilities, many of which I've been trying to duplicate (without success) over the past several months. I'm using this in Visual Basic for quick-preview / print of reports, invoices, and statements."

Thyagarajan Swaminathan: "To tell you the truth it is one awesome Product."

Edwin L. Solot, Jr.: "Thanks, and ViewPro looks like a great product!"

Dan Wilcox: "It is absolutely awesome."

MWM: "One of the best design tools available anywhere! A must have for any serious VB programmer! No other control in its class can compare!"

Brad Stone: "I'm still enjoying ViewPro VERY's awesome."

Bill Horton: "I really like this product."

John Bean:  "I really like it and my users do also."

Matthew Atherton: "I have heard great things about ViewPro and have downloaded the product myself and looked at the demo and the VB code.  I am impressed."

Christopher Kaye: "I am quite impressed with your ViewPro product thus far...I will be sure to promote your tools to my friends."

Igor Mukhin: "Our company is interested in your excellent product: ViewPro Advanced Edition. After downloading a trial version from your web site and evaluating its capabilities. we found it very attractive for our users to design and print their reports."

etcorngods: "I am a very satisfied user of ViewPro -- it is super."

John Turpin: "ViewPro is a great product!"

Mike: "Awesome Program..........Been working with products from other vendors........ but nothing compared to your program....... It does exactly what I need.........."

Geomem: "We've been using ViewPro for 2 years in a number of technical products. Before we got this product we spent a long time looking at components that said they generated report print-outs. They didn't, they produced business print outs!
We needed technical graphing and drawing output, correctly scaled to real co-ordinates. ViewPro fitted the bill perfectly - we still haven't seen anything to beat it.
We have developed several powerful support modules for ViewPro and use it wherever printed output with versatile control is needed.
If this is what you're looking for you'll love it - if however, you just want to produce boring business reports there are ton's of boring components out there!"

Dr. James Tweedie: "BTW we have used ViewPro extensively in 2 projects. It solved all the printing problems we were having with either VB6's poor support or other "business" report style print engines. An extremely useful product."

Kamp: "I have been using this tool for 4 years now and I haven't found any tool better. I use it to generate hundreds of reports daily."

Husam: "We've been using ViewPro for 3 years. Before we got this product we spent a long time looking at components that can handle unbound databases, and can generate reports at run time until we found VIEWPRO."

David Stone: "What I like best is that it is so well thought-out --- there is a simple and effective means to control very nearly everything that needs controlling. I am a very happy customer!"

Patrick G.: "I have been looking for something like this for some time...I am glad that I continued may search in that your product is the first one that is powerful and elegant from what I have seen thus far viewing the demos and feature set."

Rik L: "I have ViewPro and use it as a component of our educational software applications. It has been one of our most robust and trouble-free ActiveX controls for a long time now. In fact it is probably the most valuable OCX control I've ever bought!"