Add Print Preview to Your App with ViewPro ActiveX/OCX

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ViewPro print preview ActiveX/OCX control is perfect for creating extremely sophisticated run-time reports. To generate reports on the print preview pages, you first retrieve data from your database and then place data on the print preview pages.

On your report print preview pages, you can use the control to place graphics objects (bitmaps, graphs, charts, and drawings etc) as well as text objects (words, lines, paragraphs, and tables etc) that can be dynamically text-wrapped or adjusted at run-time. The control also supports RTF rich text or RTF tables on the print preview pages. If you are looking for a versatile report generator and print preview control, this is the right one for you.

The ActiveX control has many advantages for print preview. The following are the top ten reasons why you should choose the control as your print preview control.

1. The control allows you to add powerful print preview capabilities to your own forms or dialog boxes..

2. The print preview control can create extremely sophisticated run-time reports or technical drawings that you can not achieve using a static report writer.

3. The control gives you a complete control over your page layouts and interior details for your report print preview pages.

4. On your print preview text pages, the control lets you place bitmaps, graphs, charts, diagrams and drawings.

5. The control supports continuous page zooming, scaling, and scrolling for your print preview pages.

6. On your print preview pages, the control supports robust words, lines, paragraphs, tables, and bitmaps that can be dynamically adjusted and resized at run-time.

7. The control allows you to do flexible text wrapping for text lines, paragraphs, or text within table cells for print preview report text.

8. Your print preview pages can use CAD drawing (lines, rectangles, ellipses, polylines, polygons etc) with different line/fill patterns

9. Your print preview reports can use RTF rich text or embed RTF in table cells.

10. The control can export and import your print preview pages as enhanced metafile (.EMF) or Windows metafile (.WMF), which can be accepted by many other applications such as Microsoft Word.


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