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Report Generator and Print Preview JavaBean

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JViewPro JavaBean (written entirely in Java) is a dynamic report generator and WYSIWYG print preview control. You can use JViewPro to build graphics and text-based reports or technical drawings, display the results in a scrolling and zooming viewer and then print it.

JViewPro allows you to easily and quickly build flexible run-time reports with sophisticated page layouts that incorporate images, text, columns and paragraphs, tables, headers and footers, multiple fonts and styles, charts or technical drawings, automatic page advancing for large table or text objects, and versatile page numbering. Reports can be generated dynamically by JViewPro on a web server and viewed by JViewPro on a client machine; or can be generated and viewed on a client machine with data coming from anywhere.

Flexible Page Layouts
JViewPro allows you to have full control over your page layouts. You can freely specify the location and size for each text or graphics object on a page. You can also calculate the size of a text or table object before you place it. You precisely know the locations and sizes for all objects throughout your report at any time before, during or after generating your reports.

Versatile Text Formatting
You can effortlessly add text objects to your reports with automatic handling for large text objects  that cross multiple pages. You can freely specify widths for text objects, and the control automatically wraps text within the specified widths and takes care of the formatting parameters such as font, text alignment, paragraph and line spacing.

Sophisticated Tables
You can easily add table objects to your reports with automatic processing for large tables that cross multiple pages. JViewPro also gives you the power to create flexible and sophisticated tables with full control down to cell level. Each cell border can be drawn or not drawn, and individual cell can have its own cell color or text color. Each cell on the same table row can have different width, and different row can have different height. This allows you to build very complex tables such as irregular tables with missing cells.

Charts, Graphs and Diagrams
You can use JViewPro to create technical drawings; or add charts, graphs, or diagrams to your text based reports. JViewPro lets you zoom in to review drawing details.

Modifiable Objects and Reports
JViewPro supports named objects, and lets you retrieve and modify objects, add new objects, remove existing objects, add new pages or remove existing pages. This allows you to modify reports that have already been generated at runtime, or allows you to generate reports that are unknown until being customized by your users at runtime.

Clickable Objects
JViewPro keeps track of locations and sizes for all objects throughout your reports, and allows each object become clickable. This gives you the power to create highly interactive reports.

Powerful Poly Objects
JViewPro supports powerful poly objects. A poly object consists of combination of polygons and polylines that can have different fill styles, fill colors and border styles. A poly object can become a very complex object. For example, it can be an enginering drawing, a car, a device, a factory layout, a map or a piece of home or office furniture. A poly object can be scaled, rotated and translated. Typically, you create a poly object by digitizing a bitmap. A poly object is a vector object and has many advantages over a raster or bitmap image. It consumes less memory and disk space, and can be scaled to arbitrary size without losing resolution.

Java Requirements
JDK 1.2 or higher supporting JFC Swing for both report generation and print preview.
Ideally, a JViewPro report is generated by JViewPro itself. But, if your (server) platform's JDK is not JDK 1.2 or Java Swing compliant, you can still generate JViewPro reports without using JViewPro. You can also develop customized report viewer applets on Swing compliant platform, and upload the applet web pages to any other web server platform.

Free Demo/Trial Copy

The demo/trial shows JViewPro's unmatched capabilities. Do not miss it.
Click here to download a free copy (jviewpro_trial.jar) and install it by unzipping with the jar:  jar xf jviewpro_trial.jar


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