Typewriter Killer: PreprintedFORM Filler Software Replacing Typewriter for Form Filling

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Typewriter Killer: The Software Replacing Typewriter for Pre-printed Form Filling
PreprintedFORM Filler is a software program that replaces typewriters for filling-out pre-printed forms. The software allows you to visually fill out a pre-printed form and print it without using a typewriter--- That is, you first use a scanner to get a scanned form (image) of your pre-printed form, then import the scanned form into the program, visually fill out the form and print it. The software helps you to increase productivity over manual typewriter.

Features of the Typewriter Killer Software

System Requirements
- Windows 95 or later
- 486DX-66MHz PC or better
- 16 MB RAM
- 5 MB free disk space
- Mouse

What else Do I need in addition to a PC?
Before you can use the typewriter killer software for filling out a preprinted form, you need a digital image of your pre-printed form in .BMP or .JPG format. To get the digital image, you can use a scanner. To print the fill-out form, you need a printer.

Price: One-time charge: $99

Free Trial Copy for The Typewriter Killer Software

To see and test out PreprintedFORM Filler typewriter killer software, please download the fully functional trial copy below.

Free Download (formfiller_trial.exe) (1.8MB, approx. 12 minutes to download on a 28.8 modem)