ActivePicture TM

ActivePicture ActiveX/OCX is an all-in-one solution for constructing and displaying unlimited virtual instrumentation devices or active pictures like automobile/aircraft dashboards, clocks, meters, gauges, sliders and knobs. It can also serve as a programmable version of the 'Windows Paint' bitmap editor; or act as an enhanced PictureBox control.

ActivePicture allows you to simulate unlimited virtual instrument devices. This is because you can use a picture and a moving pointer/marker to simulate virtually any gauging device. You first import a graphical gauging picture or use the control's drawing functions to create one; and then you add a moving (rotating/sliding etc) pointer to the picture. You can also add multiple moving pointers to a picture to simulate, say, a clock or a car dashboard.

ActivePicture can also serve as a programmable version of the 'Windows Paint' bitmap editor that comes with the Windows operating system, and allows you, without using hand, to construct sophisticated bitmaps before displaying them. This is also particularly useful for automating some tedious bitmap editing tasks. The control can also act as an enhanced PictureBox control. You can use ActivePicture to do some functions that you can not do with the standard PictureBox, such as bitmap scrolling and zooming for large sized bitmaps or creating/displaying transparent bitmaps or showing animated pictures.


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